Privacy & Security

Your personal data are secure
When you order or purchase something from DxO, we need your name, address and other personal details for the invoicing, licensing and delivery process. This information is used as proof of purchase and it is stored with your license record.

The disclosure of personal details to third parties
We need your name and email address in order to give you the best possible support. DxO will use your personal details for this purpose only.
DxO provides personal details to Government Agencies only if legally required.
Except for the above legal purpose, your details will not be given to any third parties.

What information does DxO save?
We will track the status of your order from our web site. This information will be analysed from time to time so that we can continuously improve our Customer Support and ensure that our processes are efficient and to a high standard. This information will not be given to third parties.

By using multiple security measures you can be sure that your details are secure.

Secure Data Transfer
All personal and payment details are transferred by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This technology is supported by all popular web browsers. Information exchanged between your computer and our servers is encrypted. You can recognize an SSL connection in Netscape by the small key icon in the lower left corner of the browser. The Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefow display an SSL connection with a closed lock icon in the lower right corner.

Secure Payment Data
Your payment data are also secure. The payment details are encrypted before being transferred to our external payment processing partners. Your payment details are not stored on our servers and are not exposed to anyone.

For assistance with your order (billing and download) please contact DxO through our website: .